Sic Skateboarding


Sic SkateboardingPosted Feb. 10, 2001 - 20:43 CST by Comments

"NEWS I took that damn midi off because it was bugging me so if you guys want another one on drop me a line and i will if i like it...see ya ..hope you enjoi the site...until then ....enjoi] [last updated on 02-10-01]

Sic SkateboardingPosted Jan. 15, 2001 - 20:43 CST by Comments

"NEWS" I have added music....(MXPX-Punk Rock Show) and if you dont want to listen to it ...TURN OFF YOUR SPEAKERS..[Everything is updated! But I could still use some more links from you guys.....movies will be up soon but other than that everything is up and ready to go...I will have a link up to my friends snowboarding web page because snowboarding season is here and you gotta get the info on the slopes so...i will update this site alot more soon so come back soon....i will update everything... until then ....enjoi] [last updated on 01-15-01]